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Discover how to get your employees to Actively Help grow your business

Talent Development is all about spotting and deploying excellence.

Great leaders create greatness in others.

It can sometimes feel like you’re growing your business on your own. That you’re the only one who’s concerned with growth and strategy and all the moving pieces that it takes to increase your profits and grow your bottom line.  

But when your employees are actively engaged in helping you grow, your tasks become easier. You open yourself up to better ideas. And your growth can truly reach no limit.  

Kip Backscheider has spent the last 30+ years helping employees get a mindset of growth and showing companies how to get the best return from the profit center of their employee pool.  

Kip knows that all people are capable of far more than they believe. In companies that range from direct service to construction to health care to professional services, he has helped people leverage their strengths for the benefit of the company and themselves.

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